Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Together

I don’t know why I love this film. It’s a sad, depressing movie. Trust me, the title is the most ironic title even given to a film. Here, the lovers are never happy, especially when they are together, especially when they are together as they are. They find a temporary bliss when one of the lovers breaks his hands. But once he is well, it’s all unhappiness together, unhappiness alone, unhappiness everything.

Yet, it’s hypnotic!

It’s a beautiful film to look at. Towards the end, there is a scene when the Tony Leung character visits the waterfall in Argentina, something that he was meaning to do with his lover for a long time, and the camera is fascinated by the gushing water, and it’s so heartbreakingly beautiful, and tragic.

And then, there’s Tony Leung. Whatever the reason may be, I can watch him anytime, anywhere. Quite an obsession.

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