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The only reason I’m even talking about the new Ajay Devgn-Rohit Shetty Singham is certain posters that shows a near-naked Devgn displaying his assets. I mean, what the hell! You expect Salman Khan to do that. When the other Khan joined the bandwagon and developed all those numbered abs, it became the tabloid fodder, and you understand the phenomenon. But Ajay Devgn as a sex symbol? There’s something very weird about that.

Ajay Devgn has certain stature and charisma. He is awesome as a serious angry, young man. He was the Indian husband, not the aggressive lover. He was the perfect foil to Salman Khan’s character in Hum Dil De... But to be like Salman Khan? In a Salman Khan-like film (read, Dabangg)?

Ajay Devgn had more going for him, and he needed not remove his shirt.

On an average day, I wouldn’t seek out Raja Sen’s opinion as film critic. This time around, however, he is spot-on about the idea of Devgn in nude:

Excerpts from Raj Sen review:

.... “It's star-porn, really.

Or even Devgnporn, if you will. The hero might not show off his privates in Rohit Shetty's new film, but a testosterone version of him strips off all pride to flaunt every ounce of his celebrity status. So we see shots that originate from Ajay Devgn's crotch and shots that linger blatantly on his khaki-clad bottom; we see him peel off his cop shirt in slow, slow motion, either to assault us with rippling biceps or alarmingly prominent nipples poking through a vest.

Irony, like sharm, has no room in this picture. If Devgn was a woman, this would be one helluva exploitation flick. One can't quite say the same when the actor is one of the producers. We've seen it all before, and Singham's another time machine set up to take us back into the 1980s, Hindi cinema's most ghastly decade. Devgn's a tough, superheroic small-town policeman with a heart of gold and a near-permanent scowl, and he's come to the big city to take on a villain so vile he chokes children he kidnaps with his bare hands.

... All I can personally say about this trend of remaking one-note Southern hits as a viewer is that it's an exhausting one. It is in the tiny victories that we must seek refuge after a film like this: I'm just glad the hero, so eager to peel off his uniform, left his pants on.

Raja Sen feels Singham is a tiresome film but it will appeal to all Ajay Devgn fans.

Here’s another review:...

Singham cashes in on the current scarcity of the once-popular hardcore action movie genre, which never relied much on the story but more on the constant clash between the hero and the villain. And like its genre, the film also brings back the vicious villain that has presently gone missing in most films. It's the revival of the age-old formula! So it's left up to Prakash Raj to firm up the film as a worthy opponent to the hero. And though the actor hams hysterically and repeats exactly the same act and character that he played in recent films like Wanted,Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap or the original Tamil Singam , he is perhaps the only villain with an intentional humourous streak to him, which he brings out effectively every time in the climax. His unusual comic confrontation with the cops in the climax makes you laugh more than Rohit Shetty's entire Golmaal series.

Read the complete Gaurav Malani review.


By the way, do you find Ajay Devgn sexy in any case? I do.

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