Sunday, June 05, 2011

Letter to the Editor

Green Gone

Going green continues to be the buzzword for the active, nature-friendly attitude that we all like to project. The real question, however, is whether we really are doing something for nature, apart from wearing those green checked shirts which seems to be the red-hot fashion statement of the season. We don’t lack awareness — all major conglomerates claim to be going green, all housing projects say they are eco-friendly, and every so-called educated person you meet would tell you that they know what carbon footprints mean. Yet, we just cannot do without our cars and bikes, our cigarettes, our refrigerators and airconditioners. We insist the bhajiwalla gives us a plastic bag. We cut trees to build a road or a house. In short, we would continue to consider our comforts first, and then lecture about saving the Earth.

— Udaysanker Sarma

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