Monday, December 27, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife

In short, Resident Evil: Afterlife is disappointing because it fails to live up to our expectations. And boy, what expectations we had? Thousand of Alices swarming the Tokyo underground to destroy the umbrella corporation. That was the promise with which Resident Evil: Extinction ended.
And that’s how the film begins. But the Alices are lacklustre. I saw the film in video, but you realise that the actions are designed to excite the theatre audience seeing the film in 3D. Fair enough. But where is the pace? Where is the zing? Where is the plot-slot?
The clone-Alices are destroyed five minutes into the film, the real Alice’s ‘super-powers’ are gone, and she meets a group of survivors. We are in the dead land of Déjà vu, and some more Déjà vu. We have seen it all — the obligatory undead zombies, and zombie dogs as well, the various weapons that Alice and the survivors wield, the villain, the explosions, the ingenious death set-pieces, and an ending, that says, we will be back...
All said and done, if you are a fan, you won’t mind Afterlife.

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