Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tile Tale

A conversation overheard during the Ganapati immersion procession on Laxmi Road on Wednesday (To say that the street was crowded is an understatement. If you had a place to stand comfortably near the roadside, consider yourself lucky, and lucky this writer was, standing behind two men gossiping away.):
Man 1: Nice seeing you after a long time. You look happy.
Man 2: Yeah. My house is finally done, without me having to spend too much money.
Man 1: How?
Man 2: You know I have been doing my house for the last two years.
Man 1: Yes. Instead of buying a flat, you decided to buy a plot and build you own bungalow.
Man 1: And I was broke soon after. I had spend all my money in the plot itself. After that, I was doing it fits and starts, a wall there, a floor here.
Man 1: And it’s finally done.
Man 2: Yes, thanks to the PMC.
Man 1: Where does PMC come into the picture?
Man 2: Thanks to the PMC that they decided to fit tiles on the footpath on FC Road.
Man 1: I don't understand.
Man 2: As you know, the floor work in my house was still pending. A few days ago, I was walking on the footpath on FC Road. I stumbled and nearly fell. Then I saw the tiles beneath my feet, loosely fitted, and slippery after the rain. I bent down and picked up one tile. It was a nice quality product. I thought what if I take this one home. Nobody would notice for sure. And I’ll put this to a good use. But you know, one tile was not sufficient. So, I made a few more trips, this time on my two-wheeler.
Man 1: And your floor is done?
(This eavesdropper couldn’t hear what the second man said as a mandal had just landed in front of us, filling the atmosphere with their music. [P.S. This eavesdropper has taken the liberty to translate the conversation from original Marathi.].)

— Dibyajyoti Sarma


  1. the writer must have had a great time then. if we are a good observer,we can find many such funny incidents happening all around us. :-)
    Often, the most extraordinary opportunities are hidden among the seemingly insignificant events of life. If we do not pay attention to these events, we can easily miss the opportunities.

  2. oh by the way, PMC should use fevicol or rather the quick fevi quick next time.. it really works. :-)