Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guru Dutt and ‘Gulaal’

Last week, I wrote a blog about the resonance of a Guru Dutt song in a modern song (‘Pyasaa,’ and Rabbi Shergil’s ‘Bilqis;’ Jinhe Naaz Hain Hind Par). Guru Dutt and Shahir Ludhiyanvi's poetry cames to the fore again, the song, 'Agar yeh duniya mil bhi jaye toh kya hain' (what's the point even if you get the world!!) in Piyush Mishra's lyric and music, in the 'Duniya' song in Anurag Kashyap's ‘Gulaal’ soundtrack.
The film recently opened to good reviews. It's surprising, in the last few months, most Hindi movies are opening to good reviews, one 'Jai Veeru' here and there apart. For Kashyap, it's duble whammy, after the wash out of 'No Smoking.' I haven't see the film. I havn't even seen 'Dev.D.' In the time of recession, paying 120 bucks in the theatre is too much. Probably, I will buy the film in that money once it is out on DVD, or somebody may give me a torrent download.
Anyways, I have been listening to the soundtrack, and I absolutely adore it, especially two songs, 'Arambh' and 'Sheher' and also Ranaji, for its 'contemporary' lyrics. In Hindi film soundtrack, the songs are always, always about love and romance, pyar mohabbat, milan and zudai.
And here, we have songs which are hard-hitting poetry at its best. In the 'Arambh' song, one line actually says, "...the poet who says life is a poetry, you dismiss that poet.' Instead, you talk about war, fight...
The best of the lot is 'Sheher', a beautiful poem turned into a beautiful song, very hauntingly rendered, with such strong images that you are bound to be moved. The occasional use of Rajasthani words and tones only adds to the song's versatality.
The song is about how we have been immune to all the happenings around us. It tells the story of what happened when "our town was asleep." "when on the lonely corner of the city, a lone dog was barking incessantly... when the town rained blood.. and the world asks when all these things were happening, why was our town sleeping... each image in the song is vivid, alive and real.
And, as you listen, it does something to you...

Dibyajyoti Sarma

Here’s the lyric from


[Aye ek waqt ki baat bataye,
Ek waqt ki,
Jab sheher hamara so gayo tho,
Wo raaj gajab ki] -2 times
Hey chahu aur sab ore disha se laali chaayi re,
Jugni naache chunar odhe, khoon nahayi re,
chahu aur sab ore disha se laali chaayi re,
Jugni naache chunar odhe, khoon nahayi re,
Sab oro gulaal put gayo, sab oro mein,
Heyyy sab oro gulaal put gayo, vipda chaayi re,
Jis raat gagan se khoon ki baarish aayi re,
Jis raat sheher mein khoon ki baarish aayi re,
Jis raat gagan se khoon ki baarish aayi re,
Jis raat sheher mein khoon ki baarish aayi re…

Sarabor ho gayo sheher aur sarabor ho gayi dhara,
Sarabor ho gayo re jattha insaano ka bada bada,
Sabhi jagat yeh pooche tha, jab itna sab kuch ho riyo tho,
To sheher hamara kahe bhaisaab aankh mood ke so riyo tho,
To sheher yeh boliyo neend gajab ki aisi aayi re,
Jis raat gagan se khoon ki baarish aayi re,
Jis raat sheher mein khoon ki baarish aayi re- 2 times

Sanataa viraana khamoshi anjaani,
Zindagi leti hai karwate toofani,
Ghirte hai saaye ghanehre se,
Rookhe baalon ko bikhere se,
Badhte hai andhere pishaacho se,
Kaanpe hai jee unke naacho se,
Kahin pe wo jooto ki khat khat hai,
Kahin pe alawo ki chat pat hai,
Kahin pe hai jhingur ki aawazen,
Kahin pe wo nalke ki tap tap hai,
Kahin pe wo kaali si khidki hai,
Kahin wo andheri si chimni hai,
Kahin hilte pedon ka jattha hai,
Kahin kuch mundero pe rakkha hai,
Re re re re re…
Hoo hoo hoo hoo….
Sunsaan galli ke nukaad pe jo koi kutta,
Cheekh cheekh kar rota hai,
Jab lamp post ki gandli pilli, ghup roshni,
Mein kuch kuch sa hota hai,
Jab koi saaya khud ko thoda bacha bacha kar,
Gum saayo mein khota hai,
Jab pool ke khambho ko gaadi ka garm ujaala,
Dheeme dheeme dhota hai,
Tab sheher hamara sota hai-3 times
Hooo hooo…

Jab sheher hamara sota hai, to maloom tumko,
Haan kya kya hota hai,
Idhar jaagti hai laashen,
Zinda ho murda, udhar zindagi khota hai,
Idhar cheekhti hai dahua,
Khairaati uss aspataal mein bifri si,
Aaankh mein uske agle hi pal,
Garam maas ka naram lothda hota hai,
Idhar uthi har takraaren, jismo ke jhatpat len den mein uchi si,
Udhar ghaav se riste phoonko, door guzarti aakhen dekhe rookhi si,
Lekin usko leke rang birange mailon mein gun jaayi, shoti hai,
Nashe mein doobe sehan se khoonkhaar chutkulo ki paidaaish hoti hai,
Adh nange jismo ki dekho, lipi putti se lagi numaaish hoti hai,
Laar tapakte chehro ko kuch shitaani karne ki khwahish hoti hai,
Wo pooche hai hairaan hokar, aisa sab kuch hota hai kab,
Wo batalo to unko aisa tab tab tab tab hota hai,
Jab sheher hamara sota hai- 3 times
Hooo hoo hoo…

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