Sunday, November 23, 2008

The X Files: I Want to Believe (2008)

Directed by: Chris Carter
Writers:Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter et al
Starring: David Duchovny (Fox Mulder), Gillian Anderson (Dr Dana Scully), Amanda Peet (ASAC Dakota Whitney), Billy Connolly (Father Joseph Crissman)

I too want to believe. Seriously. But the problem is, how? Especially when you are surrounded by one impossibility after another. An ex-FBI agenct who thinks his sister was abducted by aliens (he means it, you see. He has the poster of the Third Kind movie at his home), a pheadophile turned priest turned occultist turned someone who cries blood, and can find the locations of missing girls, a doctor who thinks that she can cure a young boy by downloading information off the internet, through Google, a Russian who transport human organs and runs a shaddy lab something in snow-filled West Virginia apparently without any problem with the authorities. Welcome to the world of X Files.
It's starts like a The Silence of the Lambs redoux. Young girls are abducted. Then comes the twist, a twisted old man, the ex-pheodophile announes that he knows about the girl, not exactly they are, but that one of them, an FBI agent, is still alive. The bewildered FBI asks for help from good old Fox Mulder, who is now a loner, living somewhere in the jungle and Dana Scully, now a doctor, struggling to save the life of a young child from a rare disease.
Without breaking the code of 'spoiler alert', it's safer to say, the film is the good old version of the faith versus reason story, where ultimately faith wins. That why, in the beginning of the film, Mulder says, I want to believe, even if he finds the facts trifle absurd.
As a thriller, I Want TO Believe works to an extent, thanks to the performance of the cast, especially, Gillian Anderson as Scully, the rational voice of the film. In one sense, it's her story, her journey from faith to believe. In between, are all the red herring, some deaths, and some chasing and the finale. When it's over, and you leave the theatre, it's just another film. and just that...

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  1. this movie was a beautiful meditation on faith for each and every character. i loved it.