Sunday, June 29, 2008

Queer as books!

Images in the Dark: An Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Film and Video. R. Murray.
The Wit and Wisdom of Quentin Crisp. Q. Crisp.
My Life as a Pornographer & Other Indecent Acts. John Preston.
The Male Member. Kit Schwartz.
And the Band Played on. Randy Shilts.
The Life of Noel Coward. Cole Lesley.
Dirty Poole: The Autobiography of a Gay Porn Pioneer. Wakefield Poole.
Surpassing the Love of Men. Lillian Faderman. (3 copies)
The Trials of Radclyffe Hall. Diana Souhami..
Permanent Partners: Building Gay and Lesbian Relationships. Betty Berzon.
The Lesbian Erotic Dance. Jo Ann Loudan. (2 copies)
The Celluloid Closet:Homosexuality in the Movies. Vito Russo
Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture. Arthur Evans.
Gender Bending: Confronting the Limits of Duality. Holly Devor.
The Politics of Homosexuality. Toby Marotta.
Lesbian Sex. JoAnn Loulan.
There's Something I've been meaning to Tell You. Loralee MacPike.
Lesbian Nuns Breaking Silence. Rosemary Curb & Nancy Manahan. (2 copies0
The Lesbian Couples' Guide. Judith McDaniel [3 copies]
Do What I Say: Gay & Lesbian Etiquette. Meryl Cohn.
Una Troubridge: The Friend of radclyffe Hall. Richard Ormond. (2 copies)
Stonewall. Martin Duberman.
Lesbian Women. Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon.
Sappho was a Right-On Woman. Sidney Abbott.
Between Women. Luise Eichenbaum.
Conduct Unbecoming: Gays and Lesbians in the US Military. Randy Shilts.
Staying Power: Long Term Lesbian Couples. Susan E. Johnson.
From Wedded Wife to Lesbian life. Deborah Abnbott.
Lesbian Passion. JoAnn Loulan. [3 copies]
Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers. Lillian Faderman. [2 copies]
Gay relationships folr Men and Women. Tina Tessina.
A Restricted Country. Joan nestle.
Sister Outsider. Audre Lorde.
The Lesbian Love Companion. Marny Hall.
So You Want to be a Lesbian? Liz Tracey
Homosexuality: A History. Vern L. Bullough
The Lesbian Love Advisor. Celeste West.
We Are Everywhere: Writings By & About Lesbian Parents. Harriet Alpert.
Early Embraces: True-Life Stories (first lesbian experience). Lindsey Elder.
Are You Girls Traveling Alone? Marilyn Murphy.
Beginnings: Lesbian Long-Term Partners. Lindsey Elder.
Pink Blood: Homophobic Violence in Canada, Douglas Victor Janoff.
Bisexuality in Men and Women. Fritz Klein.
Private Parts: An Owner's Guide. Merrily Weisbord
Men & Intimacy. Franklin Abbott.
Just Married: Gay Marriage and the Expansion of Human Rights. K. Bourassa.
Smearing the Queer: Medical Bias in Gay Healthcare. Michael Scarce.
Virginia Woolf 1912-1941. Quentin Bell.
Lesbian Ethics. Vol 3. No 3. [periodical]
A Road to Stonewall 1750-1969. Male Homosexuality and Homophobia in English and American Literature. Byrne R. S. Fone.
Sisters, Sexperts, Queers: Beyond the Lesbian Nation. Arlene Stein.
Miss Marks and Miss Woolley. Anna Mary Wells.
The AIDS Handbook. Carl Miller.
Tales of the Lavender Menace. Karla Jay.
AIDS. James D. Greig.
Jim: A Life with AIDS. June Callwood.
The Best Little Boy in the World. Andrew Tobias.
Bosie: The Man, The Poet, the Lover of OscareWilde. Douglas Murray.
Gay and Lesbian Parenting. Deborah Glazer.
The Bisexual resource Guide. Robyn Ochs.
Understanding AIDS: A Canadian Strategy. David Spurgeon.
Gay L.A. Lillian Faderman.
The Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement. Margaret Cruikshank.
Gay New York. George Chauncey.
Homosewxuality: Social, Psychological and Biological Issues. William Paul et al
Sex, Power and Pleasure. Mariana Valverde.
Drugs and AIDS. Lucien Engelmajer.
AIDS-Proofing Your Kids. Loren Acker. (2 copies)
Living with AIDS: Reaching Out. Tom O'Connor (3 copies)
Abuse in lesbian Relationships: A Handbook. Laurie Chesley.
Community Research as Empowerment. Janice Ristock.
The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex. Stephen E. Goldstone.
The Gay Men's Wellness Guide. Robert E. Penn.
How will I Tell My Mother? Jarry Arterburn.
Dyke Life. Karla Jay.
Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir. Paul Monette.
Shattered Love. Richard Chamberlain.
Vita: The Life of Vita Sackville-West. Victoria Glandenning.
Surviving AIDS. Michael Callen.
Myths and Mysteries of Same-Sex Love. Christine Downing.
Hidden From History: Reclaiming the Gay and Lesbian Past. M. Duberman.
Masters and Johnson on Sex and Human Loving. William masters, Virginia Johnson.
The Second Coming: A leatherdyke Reader. Pat Califia.
Men's Survey (Gay and Bisexual Men and HIV Infection). Canadian AIDS Society.
The Shared Heart: Portraits and Stores celebrating GLB Young People. A. Mastoon.
No Time to Wait: Living with HIV Infection. Nick Siano.
Sex Longing and Not Belonging: A Gay Muslim's Quest for Love and Meaning.
Badruddin Khan
The Journals of Anais Nin. Vol. 7: 1966-1974. Anais Nin.
Love, Ellen A Mother/Daughter Journey. Betty DeGeneres
The Truth Is My Life in Lovbe and Music. Melissa Etheridge.
Family Outing. Chastity Bono.
Capote: A Biography. Gerald Clarke.
The Culture of desire: Paradox and Perversity in Gay Lives Today. Frank Browning.
How to Become a Virgin. Quentin Crisp. (2 copies)
The Naked Civil Servant. Quentin Crisp.
Sometimes My heart Goes Numb. Love and Caregiving in a Time of AIDS. Charles Garfield
Dance with Demons: The Life of Jerome Robbins. Greg Lawrence.
Portrait of a Marriage. Nigel Nicolson.
No Previous Experience: A Memoir of Love and Change. Elspeth Cameron.
100.Lesbians Ignited. Carolyn Gammon. (2 copies)
101.Hollywood Babylon. Kenneth Anger.
102.Radclyffe Hall at the Well of Loneliness. Lovat Dickson.
Lytton Strachey and the Bloomsbury Group. Michael Holroyd.
Inside Out: Reflections on a Life So far. Evelyn Lau.
Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil. John Berendt.
Lesbian Lives: A Lesbian Quarterly. [periodical no.33]
Passions between Women: British Lesbian Culture 1668-1801. Emma Donoghue.
Working Out: The Total Shape-Up Guide for Men. Charles Hix.
The Other Side of Silence: Men's Lives and Gay identitiesd: A Twentieth-Century History. John Loughery.
Gay Video: A Guide to Erotioca. John Rowberry.
Journal of Homosexuality. Issues Fall/Winter 1979/80; Spring 1980; Summer 1984, fall 1986; Fall 1986.
The Bent Guide to Gay/Lesbian Canada 1994. (2 copies)
Marlon Brando. Patricia Bosworth.
The Male Couple: How relationships Develop. David McWhirter.
The Regulation of Desire: sexuality in Canada. Gary Kinsman.
Cracks in the Iron Closet: Travels in Gay & Lesbian Russia. David Tuller.
Trouble with the Law? Caroline Gooding.
The Science of Desire: the Search fr the gay Gene. Dean Hamer.
Gay Fictions: Wilde to Stonewall. Claude J. Summers.
The European Gay Review. Vols 6-7.
Gay Guide Canada 1998.
An Introduction to the Pastoral Care of Homosexual people. [Catholic Pamphlet]
Ginsberg: A Biography. Barry Miles.
Five O'Clock Angel: Letters of Tennessee Williams.
Winter's Ligh5t: reflections of a Yankee Queer. John Preston.
k d lang: All You Get Is Me. Victoria Starr.
The Man's Book: A Complete Manual of Style.
Wild Ride. Bia Lowe.
Our Three Selves: The Life of Radclyffe Hall. Michael Baker.
Homosexuality. D.J. West.
Friends and Lovers: Gay Men Write about their Families. John Preston.
A Round-Heeled Woman. Jane Juska. (2 copies)
The Sex Lives of Teenagers. Lynn Ponton.
Handsome Heroines: Women as Men in Folklore. Shahrukh Hussain.
Dirty Looks: Women, Pornography, Power. Carol Clover.
Time out Guide: San Francisco.
Sultry Climates: Travel & Sex. Ian Littlewood.
Runaway: Diary of Street Kid. Evelyn Lau.
The Other Victorians. Steven Marcus.
Homosexuality: Disease or Way of Life? Edmund Bergler.
Sex in America: A Definitive Survey. Robert Michael.
Fighting Back: the Struiggle for Gay Rights. Sabra Holbrook.
Prostitution and Morality. Harry Bejamin.
Fundamentals of Human Sexuality. Katchadourian and Lunde.
The 100 Best Companies for Gay Men and Lesbians. Ed Mickens.
Honor Bound: A Gay American Fights for the Right to Serve His Country. Joseph Steffan
Anti-Diva: An Autobiography. Carole Pope.
A Queer reader. Patrick Higgins.
Naked in the Promised Land. Lillian Faderman.
Between the Sheets, In the Streets: Queer, Lesbian, Gay Documentary. Chris Holmlund and Cynthia Fuchs.
Up from Invisibility: Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Media in America. Larry Gross.
The Psychoanalytic Theory of Male Homosexuality. Kenneth Lewes.
BackCloth: Final Volume of the Autobiography.of Dirk Bogarde.
Homosexuality: the Use of Scientific Research in the Church's Moral Debate. Stanton L. Jones and Mark A. Yarhouse.
Strange Sisters: the Art of lesbian Pulp Fiction 1949-1969. Jaye Zimet.
Boyopolis: Sex and Politics in gay Eastern Europe. Stan Persky.
Dr. Kinsey and the Institute for Sex Research. Wardell Pomeroy.
Growing Up Gay in a Dysfunctional Family. Rik Isensee.
Volleyb all with the Cuna Indians and Other Gay travel Adventures. Hanns Ebensten.
Gay Culture in America: Essays from the Field. Giolbert Herdt.
Teenage Sexuality: Opposing Viewpoints.
Handle with care: A Handbook for Care Teams Serving People with AIDS. Ronald Sunderland and Earl Shelp.
Child Abuse: An Annotated Bibliography. Dorothy P. Wells.
1. Heartlands. D. Y. Rist.
2. The Boy Who Picked the Bullets Up. Charles Nelson.
Maybe the Moon. Armistead Maupin.
Aphrodisiac: Fiction from Christopher Street. Edmund White et al.
The Christopher Street Reader. Dennis Altm,an et al.
Flesh and the Word 2: an anthology of erotic writing. John Preston
The Swimming Pool Library. Alan Hollinghurst. (2 copies)
Sure of You. Armistead Maupin.
The Object of My Affection. Stepphen McCauley.
Chog: A Gothic Fable. Quentin Crisp.
First Love/ Last Love: New Fiction from Christophetr Street. Robert Ferro et al.
Sex Toys of the Gods. Christian McLaughlin.
Philadelphia, A novel by Christopher Davis [based on R Nyswater's screenplay]
Looking Glass Lives. Felice Picano.
Random Acts of Hatred. George Ilsley.
Song of the Loon. Richard Amory.
A Home at the End of the World. Michael Cunningham.
The Color of Summer. Reinaldo Arenas.
Go Tell It On the Mountain. James Baldwin.
The Temple. Stephen Spender.
Queeries: An Anthology of Gay Male Prose. Dennis Denisoff.
Tales from the Bear Cult. Mark Hemry.
Kept Boy. Robert Rodi.
A Century of Gay Erotica. Phil Andros et al.
Kiss of the Fur Queen. Tomson Highway.
Men on Men 4: Best New Gay Fiction. George Stambolian.
Holding the Man. Timothy Conigrave.
In Cold Blood. Truman Capote.
Social Disease. Paul Rudnick.
Bent on Writing: Contemporary Queer Tales. Elizabeth Ruth.
Ruined Stars. Poems. RM Vaughan.
Atlantis. Samuel R. Delany.
Am I Blue? Marion Dane Bauer.
Giovanni's Room. James Baldwin.
Querelle. Jean Genet.
The Thief's Journal. Jean Genet.
Our Lady of the Flowers. Jean Genet.
A Single Man. Christopher Isherwood.
The Balcony. Jean Genet.
Justine. Lawrence Durrell.
Memoirs of Many in One. Patrick White.
Burning House. Andrew Harvey.
An idol for Others. Gordon Merrick.
The Dancer's Death. Phil Davis.
Ladies' Man. Richard Pride.
Consenting Adult. Laura Hobson.
Gilles & Jeanne. Michel Tournier.
Locke Out: the Collected Writings of Richard Locke. Richard Locke.
Nocturnes for the King of Naples. Edmund White.
A World without Homosexuals. Jason Ross.
Eustace Chisholm and the Works. James Purdy.
Tomcat. Thom Racina.
Kevin. Wallace Hamilton.
The Hidden Law: A Mystery. Michael Nava.
Le Balcon. Jean Genet.
A Brother's Touch. Owen Levy.
The Story of the Night. Colm Toibin.
Tales of the City. Armistead Maupin.
The Rainbow. D.H. Lawrence.
The Temple of he Golden Pavilion. Yukio Mishima.
Three Novels. Ronald Firbank.
Going to meet the Man. The Short Fiction of James Baldwin.
Lonesome Traveller. Jack Kerouac.
Y: The Descent of man. Steve Jones.
The Story So Far 3. David Young.
The Last Words of Dutch Schultz. William S. Burroughs.
The Vesuvius Club. Mark Gatiss.
A Passage to India. E. M. Forster.
Like People in History. Felice Picano. (2 copies)
Men who loved me. Felice Picano.
Bear Like Me. Jonathan Cohen.
The Heart Laid bare. Michel tremblay.
The House on Brooke Street. Neil Bartlett.
Punishments. Francis King.
The Darker proof. Adam mars-Jones and Edmund White.
Nights in Aruba. Andrew Holleran.
Lost years: A Memoir. Christopher Isherwood.
My Point And I Do have One. Ellen Degeneres.
Helmet of Flesh. Scott Symonds.
Men on Men 3: Best New Gay Fiction. George Stambolian.
The Boys in the Mail Room. Iris Rainer.
Magical Thinking. Augusten Burroughs.
List C. Lesbian Literature and Fiction
Bushfire: Stories of Lesbian Desire. Karen Barber.
Intricate Passions: Erotic Short Fiction. Tee Corinne.
Sudden Death. Rita Mae Brown.
Women on Women: an anthology of American Lesbian Short Fiction. Joan Nestle
The Original Coming Out Stories. Julia Penelope and Susan J. Wolfe.
The Young in One Another's Arms. Jane Rule. (2 copies)
The Price of Salt. Patrician Highsmith.
Getting Wet: Tales of Lesbian Seductions. Carol Allain. [2 copies]
Lesbian Love Storoes. Irene Zahava.
House Rules. Heather Lewis.
A Hot-Eyed Moderate. Jane Rule.
Beyond then Pale. Elana Dykewomon.
Treasured Past. Linda Hill.
In the Spice House. Marnie Woodrow.
The Beebo Brinker Chronicles. Ann Bannon.
Nightwood. Djuna Barnes.
Three Play Yarn/ Caeia March.
The Unlit Lamp. Radclyffe Hall.
Piece of My Heart: A Lesbian of Colour Anthology. Makeda Silvera.
Macho Sluts. Pat Califia.
Assorted Flavours: A Collection of Lesbian Short Stories. Lois Hart.
Longing at Least is Constant. Kathryn Payne.
Sappho's Leap. Erica Jong.
Written on the Body. Jeanette Winterson.
Losing Uncle Tim. MaryKate Jordan [children's book about AIDS]
Sappho: The Tenth Muse. Nancy Freedman.
Rubyfruit Jungle. Rita Mae Brown. (5 copies)
A Dooryard Full of Flowers. Isabel Miller.
After the Fire. Jane Rule.
The Tale of the body Thief. Anne Rice.
Distant Shores, Silent Thunder. Radclyffe.
Life's Little Edge. Roselle Graskey.
Inland Passage. Jane Rule.
Coming Home. Lois Cloarec Hart.
Kim Baldwin. Hunter's Pursuit.
Annie on My Mind. Nancy Green.
Burning Ground. Pearl Luke.
In Another Place, Not Here. Dionne Brand
Sexing the Cherry. Jeanette Winterson.
Bonjour Tristesse. Francoise Sagan.
The Well of Loneliness. Radclyffe Hall.
Adam's Breed. Radclyffe Hall.
Pussy, King of the Pirates. Kathy Acker.
Manuscrits de Pauline Archange. Marie-Claire Blais.
The Member of the Wedding. Carson McCullers.
Bastard out of Carolina. Dorthy Alison.
Beyond Hope. Eve Zaremba.
The Book of Joan. Patricia Keeney.
A Reason to Kill. Eve Zaremba.
Work for a Million. Eve Zaremba.
Naked Brunch. Sparkle Hayter.
Venus Envy. Rita Mae Brown.
Change of Pace: Erotic Interludes. Radclyffe.
Twist of fate. Jessica Casavant,
Heavy Gilt. Dolores Klaich.
Change of heart. Linda Hill.
Sita. Kate Millett.
Home in Your Hands. Lee Lynch.
Daughters of a Coral Dawn. Katherine Forrest.
Orlando. Virginia Woolf.
the vagina Monologues. Eve Ensler.
Madam President. Blayne Cooper.
List D. GLBT Videos
Bound Dir. The Wachowski Brothers
Lilies. Dir. John Greyson.
When Night is Falling. Dir. Patricia Rozema
Longtime Companion. Dir. Norman Rene
Silverlake Life. Dir. Tom Joslin and Peter Friedman.
It's Elementary: Talking about gay Issues in School.

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