Saturday, March 29, 2008


Finally, nothing remains.
Desert winds in the city,
Marks of a lone tiger’s claws in his lonely cage,
A plate of spicy chicken in a shady restaurant,
Those expensive shoes bought after a fight with father,
That blue kite stolen from a friend,
The upset feeling of missing a picnic with friends,
Finally, nothing remains.

One day, I thought I would die without her,
Or kill her on her wedding night.
The taste of inebriation on that night,
I don’t remember.
She killed herself.
I didn’t have the time to mourn
Posed before the camera with my wife,
Claimed I was happy.
Perhaps I was
I don’t remember.

Finally, nothing remains.
Curiosity of the honeymoon night,
Scent of black tea in the morning,
Someone else’s taste on your body,
Strain of semen on the bedspread.

Finally, nothing remains.
Don’t know where gathers the skins
that ebb away from my bathroom floor.
Don't know how disappears in a smoke
pieces of my hopes and dreams.
Don’t know if God ever hears
my prayers every evening.

Finally, nothing remains.
The desire to know Tendulkar’s score
Plans to impress the boss,
Calculations to make wife happy,
Finally, nothing remains.

One day, I would be dead.
That’s not an issue
The question is
I have to live
Till I die.

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