Friday, January 18, 2008

So, what are you doing on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s eve is a time to celebrate. But how? Dibyajyoti Sarma asks the question to a cross-section of the people in the city and finds out that everyone’s idea of fun is certainly different

Christmas is here, and so, the year is all set to bid adieu. Now, the million dollar question is how are you planning to see the year off? In the globalised, hedonistic and market-driven world that we live in, there are no dearth of options to make your day a special one. Each hotel and restaurant in the city is gearing up for its new year’s eve bash. There would be special themes, there would be special entertainment, there would be special menus and what not. Amidst all these, you are guaranteed you share of fun. As the adage goes: “paisa pheko tamasha dekho.”
Yet, there are people in the city for whom the year-end is an occasion to plan something new, the begin the new year on a high note.
"This year, we are going to Matheran on the new year's eve," says Rajeev Madan, a software professional. "Going to restaurants and gulping a drink or two is usual affair. The year end should be a special event. That's why I want to have some quality time with my family. Taking a quaint walk in the wood sounds just perfect."
There are others like Madan for whom the idea of celebration does not constitute going to a pub and welcome the new year wearing the dancing shoes. But running away to the wild is not the option either.
Author R Raj Rao plans to celebrate the night "in a queer way..." He explains: "Probably have some intimate friends over..."
Friends is the keyword for the young and rest of the city as well. Say Mayank Parashar, a computer science student: "I usually go home at this time of the year (he hails from Jamshedpur). This year I am staying back. The idea is to enjoy the city's night life on 31st." For Mayank, the city's nightlife consists of a few pubs. "But on the new year's eve, people throng the roads. My plan is to be at M.G. road at midnight and hang around with friends."
Anil Pathak, who owns a hardware shop in the city, however, does not want to go out. "There are so many people on the road that it's a good idea to stay at home and watch the TV." But unlike other days, he plans to stay awake till midnight to usher the new year in.
No party for Himanil Bose, a senior consultant with a PR firm, as well. "Frankly, the party scene in Pune is dull. And its too crowded, too noisy and too tasteless. I would rather prefer to stay home and call up people, especially my family members who are not in the town."
Talking about family, Shikha Singh, a senior HR consultant is already in the city, away from her hectic schedule in Mumbai, to spend some quality time with her sister. "My sister is working on 31st. So, no plans for party. I just wanted to get away from my routine life, and would probably do introspection about the year gone by while spending the evening alone at my sister's flat." That's a big plan indeed!
Another integral part of the new year eve celebration is wishing happy new year. As the good ol' greeting cards have gone out of fashion and text messaging is in, the way to wish has also become an easy or complicated affair.
"Last year, I had a horrendous time trying to get my sister in Delhi at midnight. The lines were jammed, and I could not even enjoy the evening properly till I got the line. And I spend the entire evening staring at the mobile phone," Says Sunanda Mishra, an architect student. "This year, I am wiser. I am planning to call up everyone way ahead and will switch-off my mobile in the evening."
Wishing through the text is the in thing. "But it should be unique. You do not want to get the same message from everyone," says Madhuri Limaye, who is in the banking industry. "I am not against text messages. But they should be unique. Sending greetings em masse is a display of poor taste."
But everyone has not forgotten those cards. "My girlfriend adore cards. So, I will buy a huge one for her," Pradeep Khedkar, who works in the BPO industry, informs.
Many man, many minds. But the new year's eve is certainly an occasion to celebrate. But how you do that is up to you!
(P.S. Bestselling author Paulo Coelho is wishing his friends and fans in the new year with something he does best, with a fable called "Our Lady's Juggler.")

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