Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Tale of Passion


Directed by: Adrian Lyne
Starring: Diane Lane (Connie Sumner), Erik Per Sullivan (Charlie Sumner), Richard Gere (Ed Sumner), Olivier Martinez (Paul Martel)
Probably you'd appreciate the film more if you see its Hindi rip-off 'Murder' first. Starring sex-siren Mallika Sherawat, - with all her oomph affect, she is not a patch on Diane Lane, as the film is not one per cent authentic to the original
Authentic is probably the right word. Agreed, the way the wife meets her lover and the way she gets embroiled, it sounds a bit contrived - but the emotion the characters portray are real, even the passion-filled love-making scenes, they do not aim at sleaze, but is filled with emotions, the need and the forces of desire.
They are happily-married couple - but without much love happening between them. Soon the wife meets a Casanova and is swayed by the forces of torrid love.
After a while when she realises what she has done, things are already beyond her control. He husband returns back to her, and se wants to return too, but the lover is not yet done with her.
A classic situation.
What would you do in real life if such things happened. You'd file for a divorce, of course. but not here. Here the good old husband sticks his neck for his unfaithful wife.
The love scenes may be a big crowd-puller, but watch the film for Lane's Oscar-nominated performance of a woman torn between passion and duty...

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