Friday, November 23, 2007

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Enemy of the State

Directed by: Tony Scott
Starring: Will Smith (Robert Clayton Dean), Gene Hackman (Brill), Jon Voight (Reynolds), Lisa Bonet (Rachel Banks), Regina King (Carla Dean)
Sometimes Hollywood displays this uncanny knack for predicting the future - how the state of politics and world would turn up in the future. In danzel Washington starrer The Siege, it was about the Islamic terrorists in New York city much before the actual events of 9/11 happened. And uncannily, it happened pretty much the same way!
In this film, the issue is the government's right to intrude into a citizen's privacy. Post 9/11, the issue has taken the shape of a enormous proportion with everyone having an opinion about it. Though Tonny Scott's film is a thriller, it pretty much brings forth the issue in question: how power corrupts, and you can win over your adversary only when you play according to their terms.
One senator is in favour of the privacy bill (Jon Voight), other isn't (Jason Robards). So the pro kills the other. The actions get recorded into a video-tape and after some chasing through the streets of Washington DC, the tape falls into a Robert Dean's (Will Smith) bag, without the lawyer knowing it at all.
As the bad guys chase Dean thoughout, follow him everywhere, and makes his life hell, he does not have any idea what's going on and why. When he does, things have already gone too far. Now, he must fight back, and he does, with a mysterious Bryle (Gene Hackman).
The best part of the film is that its goes in a fast and furious pace, without a second of dull moment and things really gets better when Bryle appears in the second half of the movie. Hackman literally steals the scenes under Smith's nose. He's brilliant and he's one of the reasons why you should see the film.

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