Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Filmy Fun

Every city has its own stereotypes. So has our own Pune: it's a city of the old and young, the retired and the students. But why do we have to be assaulted by the stereotypes on every possible occasion? Even after the city has seen so much boom elsewhere, IT or what nots?
Take the example of the just-concluded Asian Film Festival. Who are the patrons? You guessed it right, the old and the young. No one in between, if you would believe us.
The students are here for fun: "When are they playing 'Chak De? We can't miss that...", or something like that...
And the retired are here to pass their time, especially for the women, it's party time, running from one screen to another, from one venue to another, never mind what films are playing: "... but I'll need the car at six, anyhow, we have to catch a film you see..."
But which one? "Goalpost and Lipstick sounds good." Why? Oh, there are lipsticks!!" "But Heartbreak too sounds good." "Yeah, I like love stories..."
If you thought film festivals are about movies and art and so on, think again.
It's all about having a good time!

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