Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nightwatch in a dead city

What makes a city a city? Of course, its nightlife (no, we are not talking about the BPOs and the killer cabs they travel on)! We are talking about place we can hang around even at the dead of night, for this is the only time we are free.
In this context, our good ol' Pune is not a city at all. Let's explain.
The other day, we were out of office at the stroke of midnight. Our destination was a place where we can get some booze. And believe or not, we scanned the length and breath of the city, and did not find a place where they would help us get drunk.
Someone suggested the pubs. But our girlfriends were already asleep in their respective houses and the nighclubs would 'scream' at us ‘stags’.
Another friend suggested a star hotel in Camp. Once we reached there, the person in charge politely told us they can’t even give us food, let alone booze.
But our gang was adamant. One of them, a motormouth, went to the reception, and said, in a sad note that we have been taken for a ride. It seems we were misinformed by Firoze.
Firoze who? Firoze Daruwalla, of course.
But who's he anyway? We did not have a clue. But the reception seemed to have recognised that name. One of them politely led us to a smoky room.
The person in charge there ushered us in grumpily, closed the door behind us, and said, please order very fast, we are already closed.
We gauged the situation and placed orders for three rounds together. The man in black suit came again. No sir, we don't have the time to entertain you for three pegs. At the most, we can give you a parcel.
That was okay. But what pissed us off was that we were not even allowed to finish one round in peace.
Finally, when they got rid of us, it was 2 in the morning and the city was already dead, with some stray dogs keeping vigil.
A sad scene for a thriving city.

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