Friday, August 03, 2007

Book-ed to Capacity

Talk about second chances. It’s a rare thing when it comes to a cultural event in event in the city. It’s even rarer when it comes to a book reading event. It was therefore heartening to see all the chairs full at the British Council Library when Aniket Jaaware’s collected of short stories Neon Fish in Dark Water was formally launched on Tuesday. You are right. It is the same book which the author Jaaware read at a book-reading event in Landmark bookshop some weeks ago.
That was an unofficial reading whereas Tuesday’s event was an official one. The book was formally released by author Kiran Nagarkar, whose recent novel God’s Little Soldier was also released in a similar event some month ago. “But this time, the focus is on Jawaare,” the chief guest of the event mentioned jocularly. Nagarkar continued saying that it’s the readers that make a book live. Without readers books are nothing.
You agree. But when the author begins to read from his own book, that’s quite a different experience altogether. So, formalities were dispensed with quickly and we came straight to the point: the reading. The author Jawaare read two full-length stories (which were not actually very long) and an excerpt, which gave the audience a fare idea what the book was all about, a set of stories based in the year 2050, and seen from an outside perspective.
A quiet evening of words and its meaning, quite literally.

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