Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Novel

The novel was over
And people went home
Now, hero-heroine would live
Happily ever after
The sun like gold
The moon like silver
Child’s chatter
Smell of onion in the kitchen
Now, they would live
Happily ever after
Yes, they were supposed to live happily
They were supposed to
That is why
People went home
And slept
And dreamt. No hero-heroine was there
People forgot about them
And forgot to read the last page
Of the novel.
That was an accident
Yes, we can call it an accident
People forgot to read the page
Of the novel
And did not know what happed to
The hero and the heroine
People thought after this
They would live happily
Heroine though she would be happy
After all
Within the arms of the handsome hero
The hero thought likewise
But the problem was
The last page of the novel
The last page which no one read
And no one knew
What happened to the hero and the heroine
No one read the
Last page of
The novel

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