Friday, November 03, 2006

I just had a bath

Sananta Tanti
Translated from original Asomiya by
Dibyajyoti Sarma

I just had a bath in dream. Bare was I.
My soul was spread. I was playing with
Dreams. From my forehead dripped the dream’s
Water. Eyes were closed and unknotted was my
Relations to night.
In the dirty bedspread, pillows and even in my mirror
There lay crystal water drops. I was ready to
Stand somewhere and hide the dreams in my mind.
After that in remembrance I’ll soak my interior
I’ll play with dream’s crystal waters forever.
Suddenly she arrived, seeing me bare smiled shyly.
Seeing me bare asked me to cover immediately
My shame. She dragged me away from my dreams.
Making me stand on some corner she asked me
To wear slave’s dress.
I refused. I protested. I said:
Slaves will wear slave’s dress. I would not.
She left. I just had a bath in dream. Bare was I.
My soul was without attire. Full of sound.
I was ready for freedom.

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