Sunday, November 26, 2006

Application Wanted

Nilim Kumar
Translated from original Asomiya
By Dibyajyoti Sarma

For a revolution
Applications wanted

The ideology of the revolution is love

The applicant must have faith in the ideology
They must themselves be a lover or beloved
The must have the qualifications to understand men
They should carry a anguished-exiled heart but
There must remain insatiable desire to fight for blood
Experience of doing mistakes in life and spending days in hell is a must
Some seats are reserved for the
Agony-lovers and those crazy in love
Applicants with grotesque characters will be given preference

Age: till death
But the age to understand life and world should not be less

No limits to remuneration
As per work would be given blood, death or life
Coins of joy and sorrow

The limit to submit application form is evening
Before people go out to drink

Tormented Revolutionary Lover
Office: open field
Post: heart
Via: soil, water, fire, air, sky etc.

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