Monday, October 02, 2006

Poems Miscellaneous

After five, seven, ten years from today
On the linear bridge of
Some coral island, I will
Meet you
That day, I’ll tell you about the night
Beyond thousand nights

— Hari Borkakoti

Let every man murder me
Each pious lady
Every good man murder me
With the green knife of love
With each hand of art

— Hari Borkakoti

In midst of dusk and smoke of the evening
In the dim light of the lantern I saw
In your eyes
Dark, like the palm leaves
A sky
Like a college going girl, vivacious
Didn’t see a star anywhere: the clouds
Smiling, hanged the beautiful moonlight

— Nilomani Phukan

The sun arrives like an obedient slave
Watch-hands are ashamed sometimes
Pours a little lights on the flower-pots
If feels like, sprouts the petals of foreign-flowers
Terrible workload on the other side of the town, towards the court
The shoes of the office clerk demand another stitch
In untiring hardship, he boils the asphalt road midday
After office hours leaves the sun
Offering a mechanical salute like a tired watchman

— Mahendra Bora

Each word is like an angel
Each has to be
Found in that blurred silence
Where the evening sinks under water
And above the blackening forest
Displays the outlines of the star-lit sky
The night birds fly away with outspread wings

— Bhaben Barua

…showing the wounds to a friend
Not possible to say
Cry, feel my pain
Unless he himself is hurt
On his coming
This way in each other
We see frayed undergarment
Salty smell of a grotesque sweat
This road today is boisterous
Two hours of sadness is the peace of leisure
This way dragging ourselves we proceed
Gradually revealing the holes of our blistered palms

— Abani Charavarti

I am human
Child of nectar
With the lives of all unborn poets of the world
I’m blessed…

— Abani Chakravorti

One day the moon will be lost
With the smiles of the moon
In the kiss of time the blue river will dry up
Yet there will remain
Everlasting, unflagging
A sky

— Nabakanta Barua

Perhaps then enters the large blue sky
On the budding flower, collapses to the root
The thunder enters proudly inside the vortex
Turns into ash
The adobe houses of
Thigh, breast, body…

— Nirmalprabha Bordoloi

Does dawn comes
At the sound of gunfire
It arrives at the bird’s sound
Who nibbles
The night’s darkness

— Nirmalprabha Bordoloi

One October night saw once again
The colour of the raw sky a moon
Was hanging on the sky
Many planet dreams, burning the dreams flickered
Bright golden blossoms there
Where my heart turned into sky that day

— Ram Gogoi

This is Asom, everywhere smoky hills
Every leaf of grass is enameled with sapphire, beautiful
Dew drops are pearls, silver breaks in footsteps
Footwear are made of ivory
Washes the feet from a bridge full of coral

— Syyad Abdul Malik

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