Friday, August 25, 2006

Subject: Famine

Samir Tanti
Translated from original Asomiya by
Dibyajyoti Sarma

The date is approximately 3500 BC. It happened
Before your birth, before the birth of your birth
Hrikveda was not born then. Like men animals were
Plump, strong, agile. And soil was fertile like
Beautiful women. Making the men boat women of night
Crossed the river of desire. One drop of semen
Even then was women’s potent corp. Drinks of barley, ox’s heart
As if life was an everlasting celebration. Blessed is my
God of animals, Pashupati [1]

Yes it happened. It was destined that it would
Happen. Rainfall of day, night’s moonlight. Lost soldiers
In the city of bricks nights were the luxury of amour. Time
Passed, ebbed in water. One night an animal with long beard
Screeched. And like a ripe orange fell an old woman.
She, who was Shindhu’s [2] mother, the Goddess of Mohenjo-Daro. Looking
Into a cauldron’s face no one knew about food.
No one understood Shindhu. That night was
The night of famine.

[1] Another name for Lord Shiva, meaning Lord of the Animals
[2] Asomiya term for the river Indus

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  1. Is this a free translation or is the Ahomia version too written in a prose style? Has strong images too.